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about 1 year ago

Challenging our young men and women to be different and to make a difference.

BADD (Brotherhood of Achievers Determine to make a Difference) and JEWEL (Just Exceptional Women Empowering Lives) were founded by Dr. Robert Kirton an educator and a professional in Columbia, SC. The main purpose of these two mentorship organizations is to help our young men and young women reach their full potential. It is the goal of these two organizations that all of these students will achieve personal growth and future success in their lives as a result of participating in BADD & JEWEL.

BADD, JEWELS, Gospel Choir in ACTION!


about 1 year ago


Al Devlin
Caury Barnett
Chris Fair
Rev. Steven Evans
James Anderson
Hal White


Clara Young
Marilyn Brown
Bertha Rice
Teresa Scurry
Arneice Renwick
Amber Allen


Caury Barnett
Dale Roth
Clara Young

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