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CHAMPS ( Communities Helping, Assisting, and Motivating Promising Students) is a partnership program that is designed to provide promising students with a vision of their future and encourage them to strive toward post-secndary education. This program is designed to select promising students as 6th graders and begin the mentoring process throughout the student's middle and high school career. The selection process is rigorous and 6th graders who are interested must complete the application by the deadline. Students must first obtain a permission slip from their homeroom teacher. After student returns a signed permission slip, student will receive an application.

Initiated by the collective thinking of leaders from Presbyterian College and the Laurens County, S.C. community, CHAMPS (Communities Helping, Assisting, and Motivating Promising Students) brings together local institutions and the community to find a fresh solution to a persistent education problem.
The CHAMPS mission is to nurture, motivate, and challenge students who have the potential but who otherwise may fall short of their highest educational capability. CHAMPS provides promising students with a vision of their future and stimulates them to strive toward post-secondary education.
Since its inauguration on January 20, 1995, and since its first enrollment of 30 students in July of that year, CHAMPS has added 30 rising seventh graders each consecutive summer. It reached its full residential capacity of 120 students in 1998.
The students are carefullymonitored, tracked, and assisted throughout the year in order to keep them focused on their short- and long- range goals. They are encouraged to improve their grades, self-esteem, and social skills. They initiate, coordinate and complete community service projects, and they extend their education horizon to include post-secondary and career plans.
Since 2001, when the first group enrolled in college, CHAMPS has been channeling over 90% of its graduates to colleges and universities.
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