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Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

GEAR-UP is a federal initiative designed to provide additional support to all 7th grade students at Clinton Middle School. GEAR-UP is one of the most effective programs designed, focusing on students to graduate high school and prepare them for college. We want each 7th grade student to see it is possible to attend a post-secondary school of their choice, whether that is a 4 year college or a 2 year technical school. You have many options available to you and GEAR-UP is here to help. There are three strategic goals of GEAR-UP:

1. Increase readiness and post-secondary options of students
2. Improve high school graduation and post-secondary enrollment rates
3. Raise knowledge of post-secondary options and financing for students and their families

Please contact our GEAR-UP coordinator for information and/or questions.

Beverly Arbouw


Mrs. Arbouw has spent 22 years in education working 10 years in a middle school in Minnesota and 11 years in high schools in Texas and Illinois. She received an Appreciation Award from the Department of Army for her work in Texas assisting students pairing their education with service to their country.
Plan for College ~
Plan for College ~
Together we can make it happen
Upcoming Events:
Why Math Matters

GEAR-Up is pleased to have Haley Blackstock-Downey from Admissions at Presbyterian College and Austin Barnes from Arthur State Bank as guest speakers on March 22nd. They will speak with all math students about the importance of math in everyday life.

Wildcat Family Night

April 9th from 5:30-7:30, families are invited to come to CMS for a variety of educational activities. GEAR-UP will have presentation so you can learn more about the impact of this program on your 7th grade students.