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Upcoming Events:
July 13-16: Summer Scholars Program 8:30 - 1:00 at CHS. Lunch will be included.
Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

GEAR-UP is a federal initiative designed to provide additional support to the 2024 Cohort in Laurens County School District 56. GEAR-UP is one of the most effective programs designed, focusing on students to graduate high school and prepare them for college. We want each member of the cohort to see it is possible to attend a post-secondary school of their choice, whether that is a 4 year college or a 2 year technical school. You have many options available to you and GEAR-UP is here to help. There are three strategic goals of GEAR-UP:
1. Increase readiness and post-secondary options of students
2. Improve high school graduation and post-secondary enrollment rates
3. Raise knowledge of post-secondary options and financing for students and their families.

Please contact our GEAR-UP coordinator for information and/or questions.

Beverly Arbouw
Plan for College ~
Plan for College ~
College - It's not just a dream, it's a plan.